Steemit Enhanced Votes Graph click for basic graph

Enter the account names to show separated by commas:

This tool combines all votes over the last 7 days given and received by the accounts entered. You can drag the account icons around to position them as you like, and pan and zoom to see more detail if necessary.

It plots the data as a directional network graph where the arrow sizes represent the approximate total power of votes, and the icon sizes show the Steem Power each account owns.

The width of the border of each node indicates the extent of self-voting.

If you enter a single account name, the software looks for up to 50 other accounts which the account interacts with a lot.

If you enter a tag such as #steemit, the software looks for up to 50 related accounts which interact a lot.

Clicking an account icon highlights the votes to and from that account.

Clicking an account icon whilst holding down the Shift key opens that steemit account and clicking whilst holding down the Ctrl key loads the graph for that user.