STEEM and SBD Prices, Market Caps and Debt/Equity Ratio

The current price for STEEM is $0.90 and its market cap is: $249 Million USD (0.111% of total market)

The current price for SBD is: $1.02 and its market cap is: $15 Million USD

The SBD/STEEM (debt/equity) ratio stands at 6.31%

Because the SBD/STEEM ratio is above 2%, the SBD print rate has dropped, and payouts will include some percentage of STEEM instead until this ratio is back below 2%.

According to this article by @dan (Steemit creator), the calculated conversion price from SBD to STEEM ensures that the SBD/STEEM ratio can never exceed 10%.

The data used for this report is from

Please note that the debt/equity ratio is calculated using the Steem feed information, which I believe is a 3-day average, if calculated using current coinmarketcap spot stats, it would be 5.98%

{'vote_power_reserve_rate': 10, 'pending_rewarded_vesting_steem': '222133.913 STEEM', 'maximum_block_size': 65536, 'total_vesting_fund_steem': '196769262.610 STEEM', 'current_supply': '277342686.317 STEEM', 'average_block_size': 6802, 'virtual_supply': '294844459.913 STEEM', 'sbd_stop_percent': 500, 'max_virtual_bandwidth': '264241152000000000000', 'total_vesting_shares': '397657264071.708780 VESTS', 'head_block_id': '018fe7c44e173cba6f9ca035e0219819341a6803', 'current_reserve_ratio': 200000000, 'confidential_sbd_supply': '0.000 SBD', 'total_reward_shares2': '0', 'delegation_return_period': 604800, 'confidential_supply': '0.000 STEEM', 'last_irreversible_block_num': 26208178, 'sbd_start_percent': 200, 'current_sbd_supply': '14911511.104 SBD', 'pending_rewarded_vesting_shares': '453346499.239702 VESTS', 'recent_slots_filled': '340282366920938463463374607431768211455', 'sbd_interest_rate': 0, 'current_witness': 'drakos', 'reverse_auction_seconds': 1800, 'head_block_number': 26208196, 'time': '2018-09-23T22:30:12', 'total_reward_fund_steem': '0.000 STEEM', 'current_aslot': 26302204, 'total_pow': 514415, 'participation_count': 128, 'num_pow_witnesses': 172, 'sbd_print_rate': 0}